Social Impact of sustainability


Sustainable and lasting change is only possible when we all work together to create conducive conditions. Social accountability and contributing towards sustainable development are quickly becoming the hallmark for top corporates and brands. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Non-Governmental Organizations is the constant commitment of a corporation to enhance the well-being of its community through the use of discretionary business practices as well as ethically sourced resources of the company. Mallen Baker, a speaker, writer as well as CSR professional defines CSR as a strategic action, “a way companies manage the business process to make an overall positive effect upon society.” Incorporating environmental, social, and ethical obligations within the corporate governance will ensure their long-term growth, competitiveness, and sustainability. CSR initiatives facilitate corporates to build a dominant brand that reverberates with their key stakeholders–customers, employees, government, and the general public.


Since 2020, we have been associated with the DESIRE Society children. They are a non-profit voluntary organization registered as a society in 2005in Hyderabad with an objective of health development and well-being of children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS in India.

Today the organization is able to support up to 1200 such HIV children through ICH, Institutional Care Homes and the Community Outreach services by having presence in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai [Goregaon and Vashi] , Visakhapatnam and Delhi NCR (Noida) in India. We have been fortunate to support these children and pledge to do so forever.

Beneficiaries: Children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. The organization focuses on disadvantaged children emphasizing on HIV+ victims, the children abandoned by one or both the parents, children of sex workers, truck drivers & children who have been abused and belong to poor socioeconomic conditions.

What we do:

Currently we run 2 major programs for these children:

Institutional care Home (ICH)- Here we admit children who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS and those who are in need desperately. We provide the shelter, food, treatment, education and psychological support for all children admitted under this program. Today we have around 300 such children being cared at all the 5 ICHs located in India.

Why DESIRE Society

Since its inception, DESIRE Society is exclusively dedicated to saving the lives of the children suffering with HIV/AIDS and it has gained about a decade of expertise in the area of caring for such children while believing in future of these innocent little lives. India is second largest country with more than two million people suffering from HIV/AIDS and around 150000 children estimated are HIV+. And there is no permanent cure for HIV/AIDS yet.

What we need

People are the backbone for the financial support to the organization, as often government funds for the organization and cause are insufficient. Sustainable, long-term funding, whether from CSR funds or private donation, ensure the long-term stability of the organization and future building of the children.

Supplementary Nutrition

The program is designed exclusively for children suffering with HIV/AIDS and living either with their parents or guardians in the communities. We distribute supplementary nutrition kits every month to all HIV+ Children from communities we enroll. We have fixed schedule for these camps and we follow dates without any changes. Nutrition kits contain 600 grams protein powder, 150/200 ml of multi vitamin syrup, 150/200ml of calcium syrups and we add seasonal fruits. Quantity is meant for one month quota for each child. We also provide one time lunch / snacks during the camp date and we reimburse travel fare in order to encourage participants and to understand the importance of the kits. Aim of this program is to improve the immunity levels of the kids for further survival.

Future of the children

As we have been advancing medically in the area of HIV/AIDS around the world, life expectancy of HIV+ is increasing. In India we have seen people live beyond 25 years from the date of HIV infection. Through partnering with DESIRE Society, we strive to offer timely treatment with nutritious diet, homely environment with parental care to help these children to live beyond this expectancy. We also provide education with a right job.